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  CagriEnerji.Com Solar energy is the best investment because it is a good energy source and its low cost.

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Slide If you would like to continue your career journey with us, you can contact us by filling out the form on our career page. JOIN US   Join Our Team   ElektrikMalzemesi.Com ÇAĞRI E-COMMERCE You can instantly order the electrical materials you want 24/7 via the internet with your debit or credit card and get information by asking all the questions you want to ask about the materials.
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Our company was proudly deemed worthy of receiving an award at the “Unique Büyükçekmece Value Adders Award Ceremony” organized by Büyükçekmece Municipality. This meaningful event is organized as a platform where the local government appreciates cooperation and success with the business world. At the award ceremony, our company’s outstanding achievements...
Dear Çağrı Group Family, We would like to express with great pride and happiness that; As Çağrı Elektrik, we have left behind 30 successful years in the electricity sector, in which we have been involved since 1994. We have further strengthened our leadership in the market with the leading roles...
We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our Republic with enthusiasm in all our branches and construction sites on October 29, 2023.
EATON, which organized its 2022 dealer meeting in Cyprus, collaborated with Çağrı Elektrik A.Ş., the sales leader in Türkiye. He presented his award to the board of directors.
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